About Us

Ferreira Tosati Lawyers is an independent law office, focused on rendering maximum quality legal services based on ethics, agility, customized service and a close relationship with our clients.

We commit to a constant improvement of our members, guarantying a differentiated legal service, combining knowledge of the Brazilian Law to the specificities of each case.

An updated and technological firm, offering and exclusive customized attention only found in the biggest capitals in Brazil.

We encourage the participation of all office members in social projects and in pro bono initiatives, because we believe that society is built upon everybody’s effective participation.

A complete service, consistent with current legislative changes and social advances from the 21st Century, closely monitoring each case, prospecting results, sharing the client’s goals and cooperating to reach desired results.



We believe that lawyers, in the contemporary world, cannot enclose themselves only in legal sciences without the collaboration of professionals of diverse areas, guaranteeing our client the certainty of assistance in all possible fields.

To reflect this, we seek to exert this practice with the collaboration of high quality professionals that have become emotionally involved with our project.

For this reason, our landscape design was entirely brought to life by Bruno Farias, all our rooms decorated by the artists of the Manguti Family: Geraldo and Claudio Ferreira, our web site created by José Ricardo Farias and pictures taken by Bruno Pinheiro.

This whole dream only comes true each day due to the constant dedication of our eternal partner and brother Marco Accioly, responsible for each detail, even in the slightest.